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Press Release – Launch of SMEG Shop


SINGAPORE 28TH JUNE 2019: SMEG Singapore is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated online store, SMEG Shop. Launched on 28th June 2019, the e-commerce site will have something for everyone.

SMEG Shop will offer the same assortment for small domestic appliances and retro 50s style FAB refrigerators as in-store. There will be a grand opening special to commemorate the opening of SMEG Shop. Simply spend $500 or more in a single receipt to stand a chance to win a hand blender (HBF01) worth $188. Top four winners to be selected. From now till 31st July 2019 only.

Refer to site for more information.

Within the site as well, customers can also check out information on latest product launches as well as upcoming events. There is also a blog section on recipes.

Online shopping at SMEG Shop completes the SMEG consumer journey. Customers can see the latest product offerings and attractive promotions to equip their homes. Sign up for newsletters for future exclusive previews and offers, and interact with SMEG on their social media. Owning a SMEG will now be accessible at the click of a button.

For more information and all the latest from SMEG Shop, please visit www.smegshop.sg

All social media updates will be tagged #SmegShopSG.

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Smeg has been producing domestic appliances with the finest Italian design for more than 70 years, with a particular focus on aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality. Today Smeg, originally an acronym for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla indicating its initial activities in enamel work and metallurgy, has reached its third generation of entrepreneurs and represents an international group with direct subsidiaries and distributors in all five continents. Made in Italy. From 1948.

Press Release – Launch of NEW SMEG Stand Mixers

NEW Full Coloured Stand Mixer SMF03 (Black, Cream, Red) and SMF13 (White) product launch and promotion

This year, the SMEG stand mixer range is evolving and welcomes a selection of full colour alternatives in Cream SMF03CRUK, Red SMF03RDUK and Black SMF03BLUK colourways, in addition to the SMF02 versions already available.

If, however you prefer fresh and clean aesthetics then don’t worry, a full colour White option SMF13WHUK will be also be available, which will have the bonus of a super sleek glass bowl SMGB01 as standard. You can measure out ingredients with ease by using the graduated measurement marks on the glass bowl and then keep an eye on them once mixing commences.

The SMF03 and SMF13 stand mixers have the same improved accessories as the SMF02 stand mixers do. (Wire whisk, dough hook, flat beater, stainless steel bowl and pouring shield)

The aluminium flat beater and dough hook attachments now have a special coating which provides a non-stick surface, and both are dishwasher safe whilst the improved whisk maximises bowl coverage ensuring that every piece of mixture is captured. Also included as standard with both SMF03 and SMF13 stand mixers is a new accessory, a flex edges beater SMFB02, ideal for creaming and mixing soft ingredients, also dishwasher safe. Never again will you need to stop your machine to scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl because the specially designed shape of the SMFB02 perfectly reaches all of the bowl walls allowing you to beat and cream ingredients faster and more efficiently than a standard flat beater.

Features for the stand mixers includes; an 800W direct drive motor with full metal gears, ensuring maximum mixing performance, safety lock when the mixing head is tilted up, 10 speed variable control, planetary action, overload motor protection and anti-slip feet.

Promotion mechanics:

  • Purchase SMF03 or SMF13 Stand Mixers and receive a complimentary set of pasta cutter and roller set SMPC01 worth $288.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • While stocks last for the complimentary gift.
  • SMF03 stand mixers are available from mid-June 2019.
  • Pre-order now for SMF13, available from mid-August 2019.

To mark the launch of SMF03 and SMF13 stand mixers, SMEG Singapore will partner with selected key opinion leaders (KOLs) across the nation to feature the new range. The collaborations with the KOLs will generate lifestyle content from the use of the new range of stand mixers. Stay tuned for this on social media in the month of July.


SMEG small appliance

SMEG- Small domestic Appliances
Smeg Small domestic Appliances

Details give character to an atmosphere, they colour music, and they are what make a gourmet meal extraordinary. Individual elements that come together, that capture the eye, that allure and suggest.

The great potential of the new Smeg 50’s Retro Style collection of small appliances is just this, details that add value to a whole. Together with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti of deepdesign, Smeg has delved into the not too distant past – full of design myths, people and objects – and re-emerged with many extracts: sinuous lines and warm colour tones all of which have been put together with the latest technology. Similar to the adored FAB28 – the fridge that is not only a fridge – the collaboration has created so much more than simple electrical appliances.

Symbolic objects, icons that transform the space that they occupy, the new 50’s Retro Style small appliances recollect the past. They are capable of shaping everyday spaces, they breathe new life into old ways and preceding habits, such as is the way in art and memory.

Curved and compact products, star characters of the kitchen, developed for people who want to dabble at being a chef, but not only. They are for those who love to surround themselves with strong aesthetics without compromising high quality and performance. From the 2×2 and 2×4 slice toasters, to the standard or variable temperature kettles, to the blender and stand mixer, Smeg small domestic appliances are tools that ensure excellent performance in all stages of food preparation, and have powerful personalities to match.

The new collection will have its world premiere at Fuori Salone during Milan design week, and are the result of intensive research and Smeg’s continuing ability to express and excellence of “Made in Italy” design.

Smeg presents the 50’s Retro style juicer

SMEG - juicer

The contemporary world is a true adventure, bursting with stimuli for each and every one of our senses. Take taste, for example: modern palates are curious and always on the lookout for new discoveries, sometimes nostalgic for “mum’s home cooking”, but more often contemplative – we are table philosophers, ready to adapt our habits and expand our horizons.

More and more consumers are looking at ways to improve their lifestyle and eat fresh and healthily, and we can take full advantage of this, enriching our diet with the help of the new Slow Juicer, the newest addition to the 50’s Retro Style Small Appliances family.

Smeg’s all-new SJF01 Slow Juicer produces fruit and vegetable juices of the highest quality in terms of nutritional benefits: the unique cold-extraction SST ™ Slow Squeezing Technology (43 rpm) means that it is now easier than ever to consume the nutrients you need as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The “worm-screw” auger made from Ultem™, a cutting-edge material offering superb durability, reproduces the classic manual squeezing action, gently pressing the ingredients against the walls of the strainer, which is equipped with holes of two different diameters. Using the lever provided, you can adjust the density of your juice, letting more or less pulp through This pulp is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and just the right amount of dietary fibre. Drinking a juice 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch or dinner is 4 times more effective in terms of delivering benefits than consuming the same foods normally.

Blade juicers give off heat as they work: they break down the ingredients until the desired consistency is reached but also destroy the cellular structure of foods, producing air bubbles and triggering degenerative processes such as oxidation that consequently change the taste, the appearance and above all the nutritional properties of what we drink. The Smeg slow juicer, however, extracts juice via the cold-press method, producing totally fresh, concentrated juice with the zinging colours and smells of the original ingredients.

The design of the slow juicer allows it to be used immediately: pitted, chopped fruit and vegetables can be loaded vertically, with no need to remove nutrient-dense skins, and amounts are easy to control. The juice that is produced is collected directly in a jug, while the pulp is channelled via an outlet into a special container. If the juicer gets blocked, the “Reverse” function reverses the direction of rotation of the auger, before returning to normal operation. The slow juicer offers a range of advantages, including powerful performance and low energy consumption, and all components in contact with the juice and the ingredients are BPA-free.

The aesthetics of the appliance feature the popular rounded shapes of the 50’s Retro Style line, as well as the range’s characteristic colours: bold and vivid black and red, buzzing with concentrated energy, and the reassuring homeliness of soft cream and blue.

Healthy living is the primary goal of Smeg’s slow juicer, and the recipe book which comes with it is full of tips and ideas, from preparing traditional recipes such as ice cream and juices, to making soy milk and extracting juice from grains, roots, and pine needles, the latter of which are particularity rich in vitamin C.



SMEG presents its restyled “LINEA” collection. Long-admired for its harmonious minimalist and ergonomic design, the new improved collection now offers a complete range of elegant and functional products to bring luminosity and unity into every kitchen, while optimizing all the available space.

The renewed collection starts with the revitalized colours in Silver, Black and White, chromatically more intense and with greater depth, and continues with structural and aesthetic innovations that place “LINEA” among the company’s flagship series. In Singapore, we will carry the Silver series.

In the ovens, the doors have been redesigned in temperate glass to avoid loss of heat, with new larger windows, giving a better view inside and more control over the food cooking. The corners of every unit are rounded to create a more harmonious and ergonomic design, while the handles and knobs in backlit metal are offered as an alternative to touch controls in the top-of-the range versions.

The range has also been expanded. The breadth of products on offer, with compact electrical ovens, microwave ovens and coffee machines have been further extended to include a practical built-in wine cellar that can be combined with a sommelier drawer, with all the essential accessories for wine lovers and experts.

All the products in the “LINEA” collection are made using noble material such as glass and metal in combination, producing a luminous reflecting effect and a sense of refinement in every home.

All the units are aesthetically aligned, and you can mix and match the elements to meet your personal needs, creating a beautiful and timeless kitchen that reflects the superb technology of a company proud to be the standard-bearer of Made in Italy across the world.


MSEG - hand blender
SMEG - Hand blender

The delicacy of a pumpkin purée soup, the crispy flavour of fish dumplings with mashed potatoes, a sweet berry jam to garnish vanilla ice cream: your guests will be thrilled with the tasty, delightful dinner you prepared in no time. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, the new HBF02 hand blender from the 50s Style line allows you to make recipes of all kinds with that touch of creativity and style that has always distinguished Smeg products.

Designed to be durable, functional and perfectly handy with its ergonomic and anti- slip grip, the HBF02 hand blender is an indispensable home appliance for cooking quickly and intelligently. The convenient speed control at the top of the grip makes it easy to operate, while the Turbo function makes the most of the 700 W motor. The new member of the Smeg family can also blend and chop even the toughest fruits and vegetables, always guaranteeing the best results in terms of softness and creaminess. The stainless steel shaft and blades, combined with the exclusive FLOWBLEND™ system, ensure excellent cutting results and easy preparation.

Smeg’s cutting-edge technology combined with the unique design and retro look of the 50s Style collection make this small appliance a truly decorative element and an object conveying strong personality, able to create a playful atmosphere in the kitchen with its four distinctive colours: red, cream, blue and black. Cooking for yourself, your family or friends is always a fun and stimulating experience.

The new HBF02 hand blender features a complete set of accessories that expands its range of uses. The 1.4 litre Tritan™ graduated glass, impact resistant and without BPA, complete with a comfortable lid to store what you make; the shredder with S-shaped stainless steel blades at different heights for better shredding within the Tritan™ container with non-slip base; the vegetable crusher with removable reducer and plastic blades; and finally the stainless steel whisk for beating egg whites and whipping cream. Accessories that are all extremely practical, not to mention easy to attach and remove.

Choosing the HBF02 hand blender means adding style and elegance to every kitchen thanks to the perfect combination of the technical performance and aesthetic design that distinguishes Smeg’s philosophy: to create products incorporating the best of Italian design and technology to add value to the use experience of customers around the world.

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SMEG - Free Standing Induction Cooker
SMEG - Free Standing Cooker

TR90P9 and TR90BL9 single cavity range cookers available now.

The Victoria range cookers from Smeg have always managed to perfectly blend traditional aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Inspired by the very first ‘Elisabeth’ model, these distinct ovens are true design classic, acting as the focal point in any kitchen.

Smeg are therefore delighted to announce the Victoria range is expanding, with the addition of the new TR90 90cm traditional dual fuel range cookers. The main allure of the TR90P9 (cream) and the TR90BL9 (black) lays in the width it offers. 90cm’s in a single cavity is a huge advantage when cooking. With a total capacity of 126 litres, the cavity allows enough space for large family meals, such as roast dinners, in a single unit. The oven door holds a triple glazed layer of glass, retaining the maximum amount of heat.

The cooker also boasts eight different cooking functions, including Smeg’s Circulaire function. The Circulaire function ensures that the heat in the oven is distributed evenly, and guarantees that flavours are not transferred between foods if you are cooking more than one dish in the oven. Finally, the easy clean enamel oven means maintenance of the cavity is as simple as it can be.

The 5 burner gas hob comes with a single rapid burner ring, as well as heavy duty cast iron pan stands. Complete with a wok ring and pan support reducer, the hob is also adaptable for LPG and TG. Below the main oven cavity is a 90cm wide storage draw, giving ample amount of space to store pots, pans and cooking utensils. The 1950’s retro branding on the cookers upstand allows coordination with the other 50’s style appliances, giving stylish continuity throughout the kitchen.

FAB28 – History of FAB Fridges

SMEG - Fab28 fridges

Smeg was one of the first European companies to understand the importance of built-in appliances in the years modular kitchens started to spread and became an ever-increasing convivial part of the housing module. Coinciding with the production development of ovens and hobs grew the need to give a character to objects that go beyond the typical standardization of the appliance sector.

Smeg has always been characterized by the sensitivity to produce objects that give a value to the environment in which they are inserted, sometimes bringing with them the signatures of famous architects which the company used for the design of appliances that go beyond fashions and are a timeless testimony to elegance.

With the same philosophy but with the explosive force of colour and freedom of forms, the FAB Fridge was developed in 1997 at the Smeg offices in Guastalla. The need to go beyond the anonymous standard white panelled built-in appliances led Smeg to create a colourful, recognizable object that gives a distinctive character to the environment in which it is inserted, making it a real furnishing element

Drawing from the positive energy of the years of the post-war economic boom, the period in which Smeg itself produced refrigerators, the concept of this product was reworked inspired by the iconic American refrigerators portrayed in the Hollywood cinematic heyday. Smeg revisited the refrigerator concept, giving it a real free-standing identity and proposing it first of all in the pastel colours of blue, cream and green typical of the 50’s, followed by the Revolutionary pink and other vibrant colours such as Ferrari red, Dutch orange, electric blue and all the range available today.

The bright colours chosen are like those of the typical enamels of the 50’s, but the material is much more resistant durable in time and easier to clean than enamel.

Compared to the refrigerators of the 50’s, the FAB, Italian acronym of ” frigorifero d’arredamento bombato ” that in the abbreviated English translation sounds like “fabulous”, is much more modern, with rounded and minimal shapes, so as to make it a true icon. It recalls the original model and renews its image

From the single-door FAB28 model, to other refrigerators of different sizes that have been introduced over the years that maintain the same aesthetic line to the coordinated design of small appliances launched with great success in 2014, are a testimony of how these soft and at the same time essential forms are appreciated regardless of market trends.

On the occasion of the Smeg’s 70th anniversary, the company celebrates the FAB with renewed performances and interiors. The soul of the new FAB is refined, contemporary and eco-sustainable. Redesigned in A + + + class, the refrigerator has a new air circulation system that maintains a homogeneous temperature in all areas, preventing ice formation. The chromed trimmings define the sensual ellipsoidal shapes that characterize it as a product of design, not only externally but in every detail.



SMEG - espresso machine

Now you can finally enjoy the pleasure of the bar-experience in the comfort of your own home: the aroma of true espresso, the taste of a creamy cappuccino or a delicious latte macchiato freshly brewed in the comfort of your own kitchen. The new Smeg espresso machine, expanding the range of small appliances in the 50s style, brings the Italian coffee tradition into the home to conquer the discerning palates of Italian espresso lovers.

Leading Italian electrical appliance manufacturer Smeg really knows the tastes of coffee lovers: with this new machine everyone can enjoy a few minutes of deep pleasure with a real Italian ground coffee. The Smeg coffee maker can even use ground coffee or paper pods, allowing you to choose the kind of roast you prefer and bring a “real bar” coffee taste and aroma into your home.

The standout feature of the new Smeg coffee maker is the Thermoblock heating system, which ensures faster machine preparation time and precise control of water temperature for producing coffee, steam or hot water. And with 15-bar operating pressure, the new Smeg ECF01 coffee machine promises the best results for an excellent espresso.

The Cappuccino System blends steam, air and milk to create thick, creamy foam so you can prepare a great home cappuccino. The option of removing the drip tray to accommodate large cups makes the new ECF01 truly versatile.

Smeg has developed this new machine as an iconic object with a strong design aesthetic – without losing sight of high quality performance. The high-gloss body comes in Fifties colours – cream, red, black, pastel blue and white – and the cup and filter holders in stainless steel and the chromed base are just some of the style features of this great new appliance. Simple to use and fast to operate thanks to the buttons on the control panel, the Smeg espresso machine will become your go-to ally when you want to relax.

For over 65 years, Smeg has combined aesthetics and technology to create appliances that furnish homes the world over with style and functionality: Made in Italy excellence that yet again confirms its distinction.

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SMEG - Dolce Stil Novo
SMEG - Dolce Stil Novo

General introduction

The new Dolce Stil Novo line of Smeg home appliances first made its debut at Eurocucina 2016.

In a design that lets opposites meet – darkness becomes light, functionality merges into the aesthetic – Dolce Stil Novo presents design and style innovations that enhance the products in the range, so that they become the focal point of their environment. Dolce Stil Novo is an extremely structured range made up of 60 and 45 cm ovens, multi-functional drawers, gas, induction and mixed hobs, hoods, wine cellars and coffee machines, allowing a wide variety of combinations to be obtained.

The stylistic feature that identifies the new aesthetic is the use of noble materials, colour and light which characterize volumes with an even, monochromatic surface, enhanced by refined details, above all copper trims, which outline the upper and lower edges of the glass and return as a leitmotif of the whole range.

If the language of design has accustomed us to the association between technology and minimalism understood as cold rigour, the Dolce Stil Novo collection gives these terms a new interpretation: the removal of design avoids exhibited formalisms and excesses to bring out a concept of refinement and elegance that are imposed first of all on the sense of sight to then reveal, with great intuitiveness during use, their technological content.

As always, in the Smeg tradition of design, the new aesthetic concept of Dolce Stil Novo integrates advanced technological solutions and simplicity of use of the various home appliances, to be appreciated in the types of product.


The range is made up of 60 cm pyrolytic and multifunctional ovens, compact combined microwave and steam ovens.

When switched off, the ovens appear as elegant volumes through the reflecting and uninterrupted glass surfaces. When switched on, they reveal their functionality: a cavity that is completely visible for the whole cooking period, the glass is free of screen printing as the touch controls appear back-lit on the colour display, whilst the handle, a fine band also made of glass, is self-extracting when in use or is extracted by a slight touch.

The product range in Singapore comes in two versions: Premium (all the functional elements are recessed) and Top (with external handle and touch controls). The refined detail of the copper upper and lower trim and on the handle when it is external, and the closing of the door slowed down by a Soft Close mechanism, are common to all the types.


The gas hobs with laminar burners represent a new record of efficiency: the burners, a new Smeg patent, produce a single, vertical blade of fire, which guarantees maximum yield as all the heat dispensed is transferred perpendicularly to the pan. The stainless steel grates are covered with a Titanium treatment which increases their resistance, in particular to heat. The design of the burners perfectly integrated into the stainless steel hobs or in the ceramic models make them extremely elegant. Available in the versions with 4/5/6 burners, the hobs with grates with more creative designs taken from nature, such as birds, butterflies, leaves and fruit, represent the creative soul of Smeg and transform the hob into a work of art with a strong aesthetic impact, guaranteeing the same performances as those offered by standard grates.

The plusses of the range of the induction hobs are even more refined, all played out on the contrast between black and light. Elegant grey screen printing, evident but not invasive, define the Multizone (from 1 to 3), while a particular study on glass was carried out to use white light LED in the touch commands: the cooking temperature is regulated by sliding the finger along the hob, which automatically detects the presence of a pan and activates the controls on that spot. The special functions include: one to slowly melt delicate ingredients such as butter and chocolate, one to keep the dish at the right temperature and one to control sauces and soups when boiling so that they do not stick to the pan.

Multifunctional Drawers

To make the alignment of the different appliances equipping large technological walls, which are visually attractive and organized for specific purposes, increasingly functional and not only aesthetic, Smeg offers a series of drawers, again with a front in glass and copper/stainless steel strip: a heating drawer, an extra practical aid to have serving dishes at the perfect temperature to take to the table, a sommelier drawer for the wine cellar to hold utensils for opening, tasting and storing wine and a sous vide drawer which allows sealing food sous vide both to store it for longer and to cook it.

Coffee Machines

In the new Dolce Stil Novo coffee machines, the functional part looks like a window cut out of a frame of thick black glass with a copper/stainless steel upper and lower trim. The main novelty is the possibility of making mixed drinks requiring milk as well as coffee, thanks to the “cappuccinator”: a built-in jug where the mixture is made to then serve it directly. The various operations are controlled by the display with touch controls back-lit by white LED: the various possibilities include the menu which can personalize the drink by choosing the strength of the coffee and the characteristics of grinding and roasting.


The trend of kitchens to have very deep counters of more than the standard 60 cm and being organized in island or peninsula compositions where the ceiling hood is penalizing, has led Smeg to offer the Down Draft version that recesses into the counter. It offers exceptional performances with respect to the standard starting from extraction for a height of 500 mm (against the 350/400mm). Remotely controlled, it has highly advanced anti-crushing safety devices and automatic blocks in the case of objects that prevent it from opening and closing properly. Aesthetically, the part that emerges from the counter is black glass with copper trims: this also makes it compatible, as well as with the other Dolce Stil Novo home appliances.

Wine Cellars

In a hyper-specialized world such as that of wine connoisseurs, the home cellar deserves a treasure chest-home appliance where the various parameters that ensure storage have been studied and can be controlled by the user with great accuracy.

In the maximum respect of the ideal conditions to store fine wines as best as possible, the new Smeg wine cellars take advantage of the most highly advanced technologies to control the chemical and biological phenomena to which they are subject. The materials used in their conception are the result of expert research, in collaboration with expert sommeliers who have contributed to producing a range of products with excellent technical and qualitative features. Impeccable from the point of view of efficiency and reduced energy consumption, they provide highly advanced performances.

Of the most significant solutions, the one that makes the difference is having positioned the control panel with a touch display directly on the door: the space recovered is thus distributed between the shelves which, further apart, can house bottles larger than the classic Bordeaux bottle. The front display also allows controlling the various functions with the door closed, avoiding sudden changes in temperature which would have an influence on the efficiency and the state of storage of the wines. It comes in two versions: 45 cm for 18 bottles contained in a single compartment, with a push-pull opening, and an under-counter version of 82 cm for 38 bottles divided into two separate compartments. In this case, the two areas of temperature can be managed totally independently, from 5° C to 20° C. Each compartment has LED lighting, a fan that ensures a uniform temperature and an active carbon filter for optimal air quality.

Connoisseurs will notice a reference to the noblest traditions of wine production when opening the door of the 45 cm cellar: the removable and extractable shelves are made from Slavonian oak. Smeg confirms, in this product family as well, that it excels in attention to even functional details: the extractable shelves in the 45 cm cellars have a shaping that allows safely housing transversally even bottles such as champagnottes or magnums.

Developed and made wholly in Italy, the Dolce Stil Novo home appliances make Smeg a real and virtuous example of a totally Italian company. Through its new aesthetic, Smeg imagines a high-end kitchen where the appliances are technologically advanced at the same level and aesthetically uniform and which can be integrated and bring further added value in terms of beauty.