Smeg was one of the first European companies to understand the importance of built-in appliances in the years modular kitchens started to spread and became an ever-increasing convivial part of the housing module. Coinciding with the production development of ovens and hobs grew the need to give a character to objects that go beyond the typical standardization of the appliance sector.

Smeg has always been characterized by the sensitivity to produce objects that give a value to the environment in which they are inserted, sometimes bringing with them the signatures of famous architects which the company used for the design of appliances that go beyond fashions and are a timeless testimony to elegance.

With the same philosophy but with the explosive force of colour and freedom of forms, the FAB Fridge was developed in 1997 at the Smeg offices in Guastalla. The need to go beyond the anonymous standard white panelled built-in appliances led Smeg to create a colourful, recognizable object that gives a distinctive character to the environment in which it is inserted, making it a real furnishing element

Drawing from the positive energy of the years of the post-war economic boom, the period in which Smeg itself produced refrigerators, the concept of this product was reworked inspired by the iconic American refrigerators portrayed in the Hollywood cinematic heyday. Smeg revisited the refrigerator concept, giving it a real free-standing identity and proposing it first of all in the pastel colours of blue, cream and green typical of the 50’s, followed by the Revolutionary pink and other vibrant colours such as Ferrari red, Dutch orange, electric blue and all the range available today.

The bright colours chosen are like those of the typical enamels of the 50’s, but the material is much more resistant durable in time and easier to clean than enamel.

Compared to the refrigerators of the 50’s, the FAB, Italian acronym of ” frigorifero d’arredamento bombato ” that in the abbreviated English translation sounds like “fabulous”, is much more modern, with rounded and minimal shapes, so as to make it a true icon. It recalls the original model and renews its image

From the single-door FAB28 model, to other refrigerators of different sizes that have been introduced over the years that maintain the same aesthetic line to the coordinated design of small appliances launched with great success in 2014, are a testimony of how these soft and at the same time essential forms are appreciated regardless of market trends.

On the occasion of the Smeg’s 70th anniversary, the company celebrates the FAB with renewed performances and interiors. The soul of the new FAB is refined, contemporary and eco-sustainable. Redesigned in A + + + class, the refrigerator has a new air circulation system that maintains a homogeneous temperature in all areas, preventing ice formation. The chromed trimmings define the sensual ellipsoidal shapes that characterize it as a product of design, not only externally but in every detail.