SMEG presents its restyled “LINEA” collection. Long-admired for its harmonious minimalist and ergonomic design, the new improved collection now offers a complete range of elegant and functional products to bring luminosity and unity into every kitchen, while optimizing all the available space.

The renewed collection starts with the revitalized colours in Silver, Black and White, chromatically more intense and with greater depth, and continues with structural and aesthetic innovations that place “LINEA” among the company’s flagship series. In Singapore, we will carry the Silver series.

In the ovens, the doors have been redesigned in temperate glass to avoid loss of heat, with new larger windows, giving a better view inside and more control over the food cooking. The corners of every unit are rounded to create a more harmonious and ergonomic design, while the handles and knobs in backlit metal are offered as an alternative to touch controls in the top-of-the range versions.

The range has also been expanded. The breadth of products on offer, with compact electrical ovens, microwave ovens and coffee machines have been further extended to include a practical built-in wine cellar that can be combined with a sommelier drawer, with all the essential accessories for wine lovers and experts.

All the products in the “LINEA” collection are made using noble material such as glass and metal in combination, producing a luminous reflecting effect and a sense of refinement in every home.

All the units are aesthetically aligned, and you can mix and match the elements to meet your personal needs, creating a beautiful and timeless kitchen that reflects the superb technology of a company proud to be the standard-bearer of Made in Italy across the world.