The contemporary world is a true adventure, bursting with stimuli for each and every one of our senses. Take taste, for example: modern palates are curious and always on the lookout for new discoveries, sometimes nostalgic for “mum’s home cooking”, but more often contemplative – we are table philosophers, ready to adapt our habits and expand our horizons.

More and more consumers are looking at ways to improve their lifestyle and eat fresh and healthily, and we can take full advantage of this, enriching our diet with the help of the new Slow Juicer, the newest addition to the 50’s Retro Style Small Appliances family.

Smeg’s all-new SJF01 Slow Juicer produces fruit and vegetable juices of the highest quality in terms of nutritional benefits: the unique cold-extraction SST ™ Slow Squeezing Technology (43 rpm) means that it is now easier than ever to consume the nutrients you need as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The “worm-screw” auger made from Ultem™, a cutting-edge material offering superb durability, reproduces the classic manual squeezing action, gently pressing the ingredients against the walls of the strainer, which is equipped with holes of two different diameters. Using the lever provided, you can adjust the density of your juice, letting more or less pulp through This pulp is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and just the right amount of dietary fibre. Drinking a juice 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch or dinner is 4 times more effective in terms of delivering benefits than consuming the same foods normally.

Blade juicers give off heat as they work: they break down the ingredients until the desired consistency is reached but also destroy the cellular structure of foods, producing air bubbles and triggering degenerative processes such as oxidation that consequently change the taste, the appearance and above all the nutritional properties of what we drink. The Smeg slow juicer, however, extracts juice via the cold-press method, producing totally fresh, concentrated juice with the zinging colours and smells of the original ingredients.

The design of the slow juicer allows it to be used immediately: pitted, chopped fruit and vegetables can be loaded vertically, with no need to remove nutrient-dense skins, and amounts are easy to control. The juice that is produced is collected directly in a jug, while the pulp is channelled via an outlet into a special container. If the juicer gets blocked, the “Reverse” function reverses the direction of rotation of the auger, before returning to normal operation. The slow juicer offers a range of advantages, including powerful performance and low energy consumption, and all components in contact with the juice and the ingredients are BPA-free.

The aesthetics of the appliance feature the popular rounded shapes of the 50’s Retro Style line, as well as the range’s characteristic colours: bold and vivid black and red, buzzing with concentrated energy, and the reassuring homeliness of soft cream and blue.

Healthy living is the primary goal of Smeg’s slow juicer, and the recipe book which comes with it is full of tips and ideas, from preparing traditional recipes such as ice cream and juices, to making soy milk and extracting juice from grains, roots, and pine needles, the latter of which are particularity rich in vitamin C.