SMEG- Small domestic Appliances
Smeg Small domestic Appliances

Details give character to an atmosphere, they colour music, and they are what make a gourmet meal extraordinary. Individual elements that come together, that capture the eye, that allure and suggest.

The great potential of the new Smeg 50’s Retro Style collection of small appliances is just this, details that add value to a whole. Together with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti of deepdesign, Smeg has delved into the not too distant past – full of design myths, people and objects – and re-emerged with many extracts: sinuous lines and warm colour tones all of which have been put together with the latest technology. Similar to the adored FAB28 – the fridge that is not only a fridge – the collaboration has created so much more than simple electrical appliances.

Symbolic objects, icons that transform the space that they occupy, the new 50’s Retro Style small appliances recollect the past. They are capable of shaping everyday spaces, they breathe new life into old ways and preceding habits, such as is the way in art and memory.

Curved and compact products, star characters of the kitchen, developed for people who want to dabble at being a chef, but not only. They are for those who love to surround themselves with strong aesthetics without compromising high quality and performance. From the 2×2 and 2×4 slice toasters, to the standard or variable temperature kettles, to the blender and stand mixer, Smeg small domestic appliances are tools that ensure excellent performance in all stages of food preparation, and have powerful personalities to match.

The new collection will have its world premiere at Fuori Salone during Milan design week, and are the result of intensive research and Smeg’s continuing ability to express and excellence of “Made in Italy” design.