6 Reasons to Invest in a Combination Oven for Your Kitchen

Where there is modern gastronomy, there exist culinary enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for innovative appliances that can seamlessly integrate into their kitchen, enhancing their culinary repertoire as they prepare impressive dishes for the masses. And among the pantheon of cooking apparatuses, the combination oven is a paragon of efficiency and versatility that offers a myriad of functionalities that transcend the limitations of conventional ovens. If you are considering combination ovens in Singapore and whether to purchase one for your new kitchen, here are six reasons to invest in a combi oven immediately.

1. Triple functionality in a single space

Combination ovens extend the benefit of triple functionality within a singular space – it merges the attributes of a traditional oven with an integrated microwave or steam component, or in the case of Smeg’s Galileo Omnichef series, both. This eliminates the necessity for procuring up to three distinct appliances. 

In the past, the market presented consumers with the choice between combi-microwave ovens and combi-steam ovens. For users who utilise both steam and microwave cooking methods on a daily basis, a combi-steam oven paired with a standalone microwave or a combi-microwave with an additional steamer (be it for the hob or as a standalone unit) might have been the conventional solution. And while they have their own merits, these arrangements occupy substantial kitchen space. 

As such, the advent of combination ovens removes the limitations of choosing between combi-steam or combi-microwave options. By integrating steam, microwave, and traditional oven functionalities within a single appliance, these ovens address the needs of avid users of various cooking methods while optimising kitchen space. So, if you relish the prospect of leveraging different cooking methods, then embracing built-in combi ovens in Singapore could be your best bet.

2. Compatible with smaller kitchens

In small kitchens, practicality takes precedence over aesthetics – reduced cabinetry equates to amplified counter space, heightened functionality, and the like. Nonetheless, accommodating a full-sized oven and spacious built-in gas hobs in Singapore in such setups often presents a challenge. For those with smaller kitchen spaces in perhaps a BTO flat, a combination oven emerges as a highly suitable choice. While these ovens excel in baking, roasting, and broiling, their utility extends beyond these functions. So, if your intention is to whip up nutritious home-cooked meals, then the combi oven is an ideal ally. Its versatile capabilities streamline meal preparation within your culinary confines.

The combination oven, for instance, negates the necessity for separate appliances like a stovetop and a microwave, thus conserving precious space. Certain combination ovens even incorporate an electric cooktop, further broadening the spectrum of cooking possibilities beyond baking and broiling. This configuration proves particularly advantageous in environments already congested with appliances and constrained countertop space.

3. Uses less energy

As mentioned above, combination ovens integrate multiple cooking methods that allow you to significantly reduce cooking times. In fact, combination ovens have the potential to slash cooking durations by up to 70% compared to traditional ovens. This time-saving aspect translated directly into energy savings, as shorter cooking cycles consume less gas or electricity. 

Additionally, by omitting the need for extensive preheating, combination ovens use energy more judiciously. While traditional ovens rely heavily on convection cooking, which can lead to longer cooking times and heat loss, combination ovens mitigate this inefficiency with their ability to precisely and quickly cook foods.

4. Better for your health

Combination ovens come packed with special functions such as air-frying, sous-vide, and BBQ capabilities, which offer a healthier approach to cooking without compromising on taste. 

For instance, air-frying requires minimal oil, yielding crispy results with less unhealthy fat. The sous-vide feature retains flavours and nutrients by cooking ingredients at precise, consistent temperatures. Meanwhile, the BBQ mode infuses smoky goodness without excess oil. These functions are just some of the ways that make your meals healthier whilst also elevating their overall taste.

5. Enhance cooking speed

While commonly associated with commercial and restaurant settings, combination ovens offer significant advantages to home cooks as well.

They harmonise traditional cooking techniques with the quick, precise nature of microwaving, which can significantly reduce cooking times. Imagine the convenience of preparing a dish that combines the best of both worlds, where traditional cooking ensures deep flavours while microwaving adds speed. Additionally, the inclusion of a steam component in the oven eliminates the need for a separate steamer, streamlining your cooking process. This translates to saving you valuable time while optimising the texture and taste of your dishes simultaneously. 

6. Easier to maintain

Maintaining combination ovens tends to be less demanding, thanks to innovative features that simplify the cleaning process. Certain models, like those from Smeg, go the extra mile with specialised cleaning systems. With these self-cleaning mechanisms, the cleaning process practically takes care of itself. 

Take Smeg, for example. Our combination ovens offer vapour cleaning and pyrolytic cleaning options. The former uses steam to effortlessly remove stains and grime, while the latter employs high temperatures to turn food residue into ash that can be easily wiped away. Not only does this save you time, it also ensures a sparkling clean oven at the end of a hectic meal preparation.

Furthermore, the stainless steel interior surfaces of combination ovens require only minimal maintenance – a simple wipe-down with water and soap after each use is often sufficient to keep them in pristine condition.

Cooking endless possibilities with Smeg’s Galileo Series

Not sure which combi oven to invest in? At Smeg, we recognise the need for different requirements depending on the kitchen. This is why our Galileo oven lineup spans an array of models, each tailored with different functionalities and aesthetics to suit every kitchen.

Step into a new era of kitchen appliances with Smeg’s latest Galileo masterpiece, the Omnichef series. Pioneering this market, this revolutionary model seamlessly integrates traditional cooking, baking, steaming, and microwaving. Be it a single technique, a sequential process, or simultaneous execution of up to seven cooking combinations, the Omnichef empowers cooking enthusiasts to produce restaurant-quality food at home within a single appliance, redefining the very essence of versatility.

Extending beyond the Omnichef, the Galileo series introduces a selection of combi-steam and combi-microwave ovens in Singapore; from the traditional SteamGeneration up to 100% steam to the impressive SpeedwaveXL – the biggest microwave oven ever at a height of 60cm, capacity of 68 litres and five levels. As culinary barriers dissolve, the Galileo series evolves beyond simply a range of appliances, presenting itself as a gateway to extraordinary experiences with flawless results. Reshape your kitchen encounters and embrace a culinary future that knows no bounds, courtesy of the Galileo series.   


Incorporating a combination oven into your kitchen could be the game-changing upgrade you’ve been searching for. With its multifunctional features and culinary versatility, a combi oven opens up a world of possibilities that traditional ovens simply can’t match. 

If you are ready to take this exciting step towards a more advanced and enjoyable cooking journey, feel free to browse through Smeg’s website for an array of combination ovens that suit every need. For combi steam oven buying tips or to transform your kitchen into a modern gastronomic space, get in touch with us today.