Blenders vs Hand Blenders for Christmas Smoothies & Soups

As the festive season approaches, the aroma of Christmas flavours fills the air, tempting us to create delicious soups and smoothies that embody the spirit of the holidays. But the question arises: which kitchen companion is the ideal choice for crafting these holiday delights – a traditional blender or a versatile hand blender? Wonder no more; below, we take a look into the differences between blenders and hand blenders and explore how each can contribute to your Christmas creations.

Blenders for a culinary masterpiece

When it comes to blending larger quantities and achieving a smoother consistency, traditional blenders shine. The powerful motors of blenders, such as those found in Smeg’s collection, effortlessly crush vegetables, fruits, and ice, transforming them into velvety smooth textures. Our BLF01 blender series, known for its 50s style aesthetics and high-powered functionality, stands ready to be your culinary ally this holiday season. 

  • Christmas smoothies: The BLF01 blender excels at creating luscious Christmas smoothies, effortlessly combining seasonal fruits, ice, and yoghurts into a velvety blend of festive flavours. Its versatility shines through with three essential functions, including pulse, smoothie, and ice crush, ensuring that every blend is precisely tailored to your preferences. Perfect for those with a busy festive schedule, the Smeg blender comes with a Bottle To Go accessory (sold separately), allowing you to blend directly inside the bottle. With a quick twist to remove the blades and the addition of your lid, you can grab your blended masterpiece and go – ideal for those on-the-go moments during the holiday season!
  • Soups: From hearty lentil soups to creamy butternut squash, the BLF01’s powerful blades and 800w motor make quick work of transforming ingredients into the perfect cosy meals.

Hand blenders for precision in your hands

On the other hand, hand blenders offer a more hands-on and versatile approach. Our 50s-style HBF02 hand blender series, with its powerful performance and ergonomic design, provides the control needed to achieve the desired consistency directly in the bowl or pot.

  • Christmas smoothies: The hand blender’s portability makes it an excellent choice for crafting individual servings of Christmas smoothies, allowing you to blend directly in your favourite festive mug.
  • Soups: For those who enjoy the process of creating silky soups, the HBF02 hand blender offers control and precision, letting you achieve the perfect texture without the need for multiple vessels. The turbo button provides an extra boost of power when needed, while the stainless steel blade, equipped with FlowBlend technology, ensures optimal performance and reduced suction during blending – perfect for achieving the desired texture in your soups. 

Choosing the right tool for the job

Choosing the right tool for your holiday culinary endeavours involves considering your personal preferences and the scale of your festive tasks. If you find yourself catering to a grand holiday gathering, whipping up large batches of hearty soups or smoothies, the Smeg blender is your go-to companion. With its powerful motor and versatile functions, it effortlessly handles significant quantities, ensuring a velvety and smooth blend of flavours.

On the contrary, for those who prioritise hands-on control and precision, especially when dealing with smaller quantities, the Smeg hand blender is the perfect choice. Its variable speed control, turbo button, and versatile accessories make it an ideal companion for creating individual servings with finesse. 


This Christmas season, let your holiday creations sparkle with the right blending companion. Whether you opt for the power and efficiency of the Smeg blender or the precision of the Smeg hand blender, you’re investing in a kitchen companion that lasts a lifetime. 

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