Building a Coffee Corner: Design Tips to Integrate the EGF03

If anything can be said about Smeg’s EGF03 Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Grinder, it’s the fact that it’s a must-have coffee machine ideal for modern living – and for good reason. Let’s say you have been gifted the EGF03 or splurged on one as a self-care treat; what’s next? 

Transforming your space into a cosy retreat, complete with the perfect cup of coffee, might be on your to-do list next. If you’re unsure where to begin, fear not! We’ll walk you through every detail, from optimising settings to designing a dedicated coffee corner to ensure caffeinated bliss for the coffee lover.

A checklist of what you need

To create the perfect coffee corner, it requires careful consideration of various elements to ensure your space is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Here’s a checklist of what you need for a well-equipped coffee corner; 

  • Smeg’s EGF03 Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Grinder
  • Coffee beans
  • Accessories such as a measuring spoon, tamper, and knock box
  • Organisation tools like baskets, organisers, or shelves to keep all your coffee accessories and tools
  • Dedicated space
  • Decorative elements such as coffee-themed decor, plants, or artwork
  • Power outlet

The best thing about the EGF03 is its built-in milk wand/frother that allows for incorporating beautiful, textured milk into your design without the need to purchase a separate frother. Moreover, with the integrated grinder, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy freshly ground beans directly before brewing, ensuring maximum flavour extraction and aroma preservation. This feature eliminates the need for a separate grinder, saving valuable counter space and streamlining the brewing process. The included washable and durable stainless steel filters and holders are also great for easy maintenance.

Strategic placement for maximum impact

The perfect coffee corner begins by strategically placing the EGF03. As much as possible, you’d want to choose a spot within your home that is easily accessible, offers sufficient countertop space, and is in proximity to an electrical outlet. This could be a section of your kitchen, a designated area in your dining space, or a movable cart – for the former, we’d recommend not having your coffee corner near your gas or induction cooker hob, as we’re sure you would want ample space for cooking.

While the EGF03 has sleek dimensions of 443x443x340mm (HxWxD) that allows for versatile placement, do consider situating it as the focal point. A well-thought-out placement will enhance the visual appeal and ensure easy access and usability.

Create a cosy nook with thoughtful furniture

Designing your coffee corner is about the entire experience, from the machine and the perfect cup to the comfort of the space where you can unwind and savour each sip. If space allows, consider enhancing the ambience with cosy furniture nearby – think comfortable cushions, chairs, and perhaps a small side table for your favourite coffee reads. The goal is to create a space nearby where you can truly unwind.

Accessorise with functionality in mind 

To ensure everything you need is within arm’s reach, keep your accessories, filters, and coffee beans neatly organised in stylish baskets or containers. Investing in organisers or storage solutions enhances the visual appeal of your coffee corner while ensuring that all your coffee needs are neatly organised and easily accessible for a seamless brewing experience.

Personalisation with pre-infusion profiles

The EGF03 offers four different pre-infusion profiles and temperatures that allow you to personalise your coffee experience. Experiment with short, standard, long, or progressive infusions as well as four different temperatures to find your ideal taste. Once you’ve perfected your setting, showcase this versatility proudly in your design – perhaps a small chalkboard or display highlighting the current brew profile. 

Finishing touches

Complete your coffee corner with attention to detail! Anti-slip feet ensure stability during the brewing process, while the 2.4-litre water tank capacity of the EGF03 means fewer interruptions. Additionally, tuck away the 1m cord neatly and consider adding a splash of greenery with a small potted plant to add life to your space.


Designing your dream coffee corner with the EGF03 is an exciting journey, albeit not an easy feat if you don’t know where to start. At the end of the day, the goal is to create a space where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the joy of relaxation.

Besides the must-have EGF03 Espresso Coffee Machine, Smeg has an array of small and large domestic appliances with the finest Italian design that focuses on aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality. From the iconic stand mixers to gas hobs, visit our website today to view our product offerings.