Efficiency Meets Space: Gas Hobs for Small Kitchens

More often than not, the kitchen is the sacred space where flavours fuse, aromas dance, and memories are born. But what if your kitchen is not the sprawling expanse you often see in glossy magazines or trendy home improvement shows? What if your kitchen is more akin to a cosy nook, a snug enclave where space is at a premium? Fear not, for the era of compact yet powerful kitchen appliances is upon us, and at the forefront of this are gas hobs in Singapore tailored for small kitchens.

Enter Smeg, a name synonymous with innovation, style, and impeccable craftsmanship. There is more to it than just about cooking when it comes to our range of built in gas hobs – it's about transforming your small kitchen into a space of efficiency and elegance. Before you take your pick and invest in a gas hob, let’s explore the wonders of gas hobs designed to maximise every square inch of your kitchen space.

1. Experience the beauty in simplicity with the PC31GNO

The PC31GNO gas hob from Smeg epitomises the marriage of form and function. With its sleek 30cm black glass surface adorned with a brass burner and knob, it exudes timeless elegance like no other. Crafted in collaboration with renowned architect Guido Canali, its classic aesthetic is a tribute to minimalist design.

Equipped with a single burner boasting 6000W of power, the PC31GNO ensures swift and precise cooking. Safety valves stand guard, ready to cut off the gas flow should the flame inadvertently extinguish, guaranteeing peace of mind in the kitchen. The Schott Ceran ceramic glass surface, known for its durability and stability, ensures safe and efficient cooking, even in the most compact of spaces.

2. Flexibility redefined with the SRV532GH3

For those who demand versatility without compromising on style, the SRV532GH3 gas hob is the quintessential choice. Sporting a stainless steel finish, this 30cm hob features two burners designed to cater to a variety of culinary endeavours. Whether simmering, sautéing, or searing, its cast iron pan stands provide steady support for your cookware.

Classic controls offer intuitive operation, while safety valves add an extra layer of security, ensuring that your cooking experience remains worry-free. Built to endure the rigours of daily use, the SRV532GH3 is a testament to Smeg's commitment to quality and innovation.

3. Power in abundance with the PC73GNO

When space is at a premium, but culinary aspirations know no bounds, the PC73GNO gas hob steps up to the challenge. Measuring 70cm in width, this black glass beauty features three brass burners, each delivering different zone powers – 6.20 kW for the 1st zone, 3.00 kW for the 2nd zone, and 1.80 kW for the 3rd zone.. Whether concocting elaborate feasts or whipping up quick meals, its generous cooking surface ensures ample room to unleash your culinary creativity.

As with its counterparts, safety remains paramount, with safety valves poised to intervene should the need arise. The collaboration between form and function is evident in every aspect of the PC73GNO, from its striking design to its unwavering performance.

4. The epitome of efficiency with the SER60SGH3

Rounding out our exploration is the SER60SGH3 gas hob, a 60cm stainless steel marvel boasting four burners arranged in a diamond layout for optimum spacing. With a powerful 3.90kW ultra-rapid burner leading the pack, this hob is engineered to meet the demands of even the most discerning chefs.

Stylish and modern, yet built to last, the SER60SGH3 embodies the essence of Smeg's commitment to excellence. Safety valves, cast iron pan stands, and LPG adaptors further enhance its appeal, making it a cornerstone of any small kitchen striving for efficiency without compromise.


Smeg's range of built in gas stoves represents a blend of innovation, style, and functionality tailored specifically for small kitchens. From the compact elegance of the PC31GNO 30cm single burner gas hob to the powerhouse performance of the SER60SGH3 4 burner gas hob, these hobs prove that when it comes to culinary endeavours, size is no obstacle. Transform your small kitchen, where efficiency meets space, with Smeg gas hobs today.