Revamp Your Routine: Smeg’s New Year Kitchen Hacks For 2024

Every January, as the festive fervour of Christmas cooking, feasts, and parties begins to settle, it’s time to clear the decks from the culinary madness of the holiday season. All the meat-roasting and cookie-baking, while undoubtedly delightful, leave your kitchen in need of some tender loving care. Despite diligent cleaning as you go, the toll of this bustling season is evident. It’s high time to snap a pair of dishwashing gloves and revitalise your kitchen!

In this article, we share innovative hacks to show your kitchen some love and help it recover from the whirlwind of the busy season.

1. Give your cookware a deep, invigorating scrub

Have some cookware lying around? Perhaps it’s time to revitalise them with a deep cleaning regimen. Although it might seem counterintuitive to scrub pots and pans that may not have been recently used, this meticulous approach is crucial, especially for well-loved stainless steel cookware. Despite regular washing with dish soap, stainless steel pots and pans often accumulate stubborn patches, particularly along the sides and exteriors where cooked-on fats cling tenaciously.

Opt for a non-abrasive sponge paired with a mildly abrasive cleaner or baking soda for an effective scrub – avoid steel wool to prevent scratches. While these cleaning tasks may demand some effort, the outstanding results are worth it; your pots and pans will emerge looking as good as new, setting the perfect tone for a fresh start in the new year.

Of course, you can also consider an alternative to the arduous scrubbing routine: invest in high-quality Smeg cookware. While cleaning has its merits, the value of long-lasting, versatile cookware investments cannot be overstated. Smeg’s cookware range combines aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality, ensuring a seamless cooking experience. Embrace the durability and style of Smeg cookware for a fresh start in the new year, when cooking becomes not just a routine but a joyous adventure.

2. Deep clean your dishwasher

If you’ve relied on a dishwasher to save you from countless hours of hand-washing post-party chaos, it’s time to treat it with care! Thankfully, deep cleaning your dishwasher isn’t a daunting task. Begin by cleaning the filter to ensure optimal performance, then pay attention to often-forgotten spots that may need a thorough wipe-down. For a refreshing cleanse, run a cycle with vinegar to eliminate any lingering odours and build-up. Taking these simple steps not only maintains the efficiency of your dishwasher but also guarantees a clean and odour-free environment for your dishes. This little act of gratitude towards your kitchen helper is a worthwhile investment for its continued reliability.

3. Refresh your oven

Built in ovens in Singapore are workhorses per se, but after the holiday festivities, they often need a little TLC. Refresh your oven after the festive cooking mayhem, where overflowing pie filling or green bean casserole may have left its mark. While it is tempting to rely on the oven cleaning cycle (if your oven has this option), it is not always the optimal choice. Instead, opt for a combination method that involves both a solvent and a bit of elbow grease.

Taking a hands-on approach ensures thorough cleaning, tackling spills and splatters that the automatic cycle might miss. A sparkling oven not only enhances your kitchen’s hygiene but also ensures that every dish you create in the new year is done in an environment of efficiency and cleanliness. So, roll up your sleeves and give your oven the TLC it deserves after the holiday culinary adventure.

4. Thoroughly clean your refrigerator

Carry out the rewarding task of deep-cleaning your refrigerator and freezer, a project that, while perhaps not ideal after a long day, promises substantial benefits. Begin by emptying the contents, ensuring to safeguard temperature-sensitive items like dairy or meat in a cooler.

Bid farewell to half-empty jars of forgotten jams, expired condiments, and tired leftovers – a ruthless but very necessary step. Afterwards, clean and restore your fridge to pristine condition and extend this meticulous process to your freezer for a thorough overhaul. Consider treating yourself to fresh boxes of baking soda strategically placed in the doors to absorb any lingering odours. The effort invested in this cleaning venture ensures hygiene and guarantees a fresh start for your refrigerator, making it a breeze to maintain and enjoy.


As you bid farewell to the chaos of holiday cooking and embrace the calm of the new year, give your kitchen the attention it deserves with Smeg’s innovative hacks. From revitalising your cookware to showing appreciation to your hardworking dishwasher, these tips ensure your kitchen space remains both efficient and inviting. Transform your kitchen and set the tone for a delightful new year of cooking and creating memories!

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