3 Space-Saving Appliances Perfect for Microliving in 2024

As we enter 2024, the concept of microliving is becoming increasingly commonplace, driving individuals to reinvent and improve their living areas. This is most visible in the heart of the home – the kitchen. While living in small spaces might present spatial issues, the merging of cutting-edge technology and innovative design has given rise to a new era of space-saving appliances that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Below, we share three practical yet elegant tools that can revolutionise the microliving experience, ensuring that every square inch of your kitchen serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

1. 30cm induction hob

In microliving, optimising space is crucial, and our 30cm induction hob does just that. This compact cooking solution provides precise temperature control for intricate cooking tasks or quick simmering. The induction technology ensures that heat is generated only when the pan comes into direct contact with the specific cooking zone, ensuring safety, especially in the presence of children.

Equipped with digital touch controls, the inbuilt induction hob offers responsive and intuitive temperature control. The display clearly shows power levels, power boosters, and additional features like timers if included. Safety features such as automatic switch-off in case of overflow, overheat protection, and child safety lock provide peace of mind in your compact kitchen.

2. FAB10 fridge

Smeg’s Fab10 fridge is a small, practical, and colourful icon that brings unmistakable style to your kitchen. Its compact size makes it ideal for the smallest kitchens, seamlessly fitting into any environment, from the living room to the dining room.

What sets the FAB10 apart is not just its size but also its style. Available in numerous colour variations, it adapts perfectly to all design styles, whether you prefer a classic or eclectic look. With versions dedicated to iconic flags like the Union Jack flag, the FAB10 fridge is more than just an appliance; it’s a statement piece at best.

3. Small domestic appliances

When it comes to microliving, combining small domestic appliances is a game-changer. Enter Smeg's range of small appliances, a collection designed to reflect the personality of those who choose them. These practical tools not only make every moment of the day special but also add a touch of style to your kitchen environment.

From a bean to cup coffee machine perfect for a slow morning breakfast to a toaster ideal for a quick lunch break, Smeg’s small appliances are versatile and stylish. The compact size makes these appliances perfect for microliving, one that allows you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.


In 2024, microliving doesn’t mean sacrificing style or functionality in the kitchen. As you revamp your kitchen with Smeg’s New Year kitchen hacks for 2024, embrace these three space-saving appliances to transform your limited kitchen space without compromising the heart of your home. Whether you’re brewing a slow morning coffee, adding a pop of colour with the FAB10 fridge, or cooking with precision on the induction hob, these appliances are designed to make every moment in your microliving space special.

Explore Smeg’s range of domestic appliances, including elegant cookware and cutting-edge built in ovens in Singapore. For more information on our selection of kitchen essentials, feel free to contact us today.