Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Smeg Oven

As one thinks of Smeg, we’d hope they’d remember us as a name synonymous with technology, innovation, quality, and style in kitchen appliances – our built in ovens included. If you have been pondering over the decision to purchase a Smeg oven to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen as well as your overall food preparation experience, there are a few things you should ideally ask yourself to ensure you are making the right investment. Before you take the plunge, ponder the following questions first;

1. What are my cooking needs and preferences?

One important consideration before you begin exploring Smeg built in ovens is to determine if your oven will see regular use, as well as to assess your cooking needs and preferences.

Many homeowners do not utilise ovens frequently, and this infrequent usage can result in electrical issues when the oven is switched on after a period of inactivity. This problem is exacerbated by Singapore’s high humidity, which increases the likelihood of moisture accumulating in an idle oven, subsequently impacting the appliance’s circuits and heating components. 

Additionally, understanding your requirements will help you determine the specific features you need in your oven. Smeg manufactures ovens with varied capabilities, ranging from basic units to advanced models with multiple cooking settings like convection baking, grill, and even steam cooking. Hence, identifying your needs (i.e. cooking style, household size, and the types of dishes you usually prepare) will guide you toward the Smeg oven that suits you best. 

2. Which Smeg aesthetic appeals to me the most?

Smeg is renowned not only for our exceptional cooking performance but also for our distinctive aesthetics. When investing in a Smeg oven, you have the opportunity to choose from several unique aesthetics that can seamlessly blend with your kitchen’s interior design. Let’s take a closer look at some of these aesthetics:

  • Classic aesthetic

Smeg’s Classic aesthetic emanates timeless elegance and charm unlike any other. This aesthetic is a fantastic choice if you desire a minimalist and sophisticated look in your kitchen, featuring clean lines, stainless steel finishes, and ergonomic controls. The Classic aesthetic blends well into both modern and traditional kitchen designs, giving it a versatile option.

  • Victoria aesthetic

The Victoria aesthetic by Smeg is a compelling choice for those who appreciate a vintage-inspired look. With retro-inspired elements like curved handles and antique-style knobs, this design pays homage to the beauty of the past. If your kitchen has a vintage or shabby-chic style, a Smeg oven with the Victoria aesthetic can be the perfect finishing touch. 

  • Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic

Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic is a true testament to innovation and luxury. This aesthetic combines cutting-edge technology with sleek, modern design elements. The result? A striking and contemporary appearance that can elevate the overall ambience of your kitchen. If you have a modern, high-end kitchen with a focus on sophistication, the Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic may be your top choice. 

3. What is my kitchen’s colour scheme? 

Adding on to the previous question, considering your kitchen’s colour scheme is crucial when selecting an oven aesthetic. Smeg offers a variety of colour options with each aesthetic, allowing you to customise your oven to match your kitchen’s colour palette perfectly. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of stainless steel, the warm tones of cream, or a bold pop of colour like black, Smeg has options to suit your preferences. 

Matching the oven’s colour to your kitchen’s existing elements, such as cabinetry and countertops, can create a harmonious and visually pleasing space. Conversely, choosing a contrasting colour can make your Smeg built in oven a focal point to your kitchen design.

4. What is my budget?

Budget plays an essential role in any major appliance purchase. Smeg ovens come in a range of price points, so it is vital to establish your budget ahead of time. Consider not only the initial cost but also the long-term savings that energy-efficient features can provide.

That said, keep in mind that quality appliances can add significant value to your home and enhance your overall cooking experience! 

5. What functions are essential to me? 

Smeg ovens come equipped with an array of advanced functions that can elevate your cooking experience. Before making your decision, it is essential to identify which of those are important to you. Some functions to consider include: 

  • Circulaire function: Smeg’s Circulaire function aids in cooking while keeping the oven air fresh during use. This innovative feature prevents the transfer of odours or flavours between dishes. With a broad temperature range, from 30°C to a maximum of 280°C, this function makes the oven versatile enough to handle various cooking tasks – no matter if you are perfecting authentic pizza or expertly proving bread. 
  • Pyrolytic cleaning function: This advanced function takes care of dirt and grease effortlessly, transforming them into easily manageable ash. There is no need for chemicals or detergents, as the oven reaches an exceptionally high temperature of 500°C, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.
  • Fan-assisted cooking function: Fan-assisted cooking evenly distributes heat throughout the oven cavity. This even heat distribution guarantees consistent and uniform browning, eliminating the need to turn dishes halfway through the cooking process.


By asking yourself these essential questions and considering the various aesthetics and features Smeg offers, you can confidently select the perfect oven that complements your kitchen and fulfils your cooking needs. Whether you opt for the timeless Classic aesthetic, the vintage-inspired Victoria aesthetic, or the modern luxury of the Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic, a Smeg oven is sure to be a showpiece in your kitchen for years to come.

Whether you are investing in Smeg’s combination oven or other selection of built in ovens, you can ensure quality performance that seamlessly blends technology with style. Explore Smeg’s full range of kitchen appliances, from induction cooker hobs and built in gas hobs to FAB fridges and coffee machines, by visiting Smeg’s official website today.